August 1, 2014

Aaron Pritchett Boat on the Water

Aaron Pritchett Boat on the Water video still nightmair creative

It’s been nearly a year since Country entertainer Aaron Pritchett’s last release – summertime song Suntan City – so we’ve been anxiously anticipating his newest release, Boat on the Water. The single and video, directed by Stephano Barberis, came out just this past week and we have thoughts about it!

Once you get past the obligatory boob shot (the girl after all IS wearing “the bikini I bought her“) in the first 5 seconds of frame, the video is actually quite entertaining! Great shots of Aaron, his boat, and the island he currently lives on, even the bar he and his wife Jessie now own and run part time — all tie in beautifully to the summer time fun time feel of the song itself. The video features cameo’s from Aaron’s youngest boy Mason, as well as Guess model Ashley Diana Morris, and a surprise appearance by long time friend and fellow country artist Dallas Smith! The ending is cute, had us laughing and is just ‘Aaron’ all over! We apparently have Jessie to thank for the story line twist. Well done! The song itself is catchy as hell, good clean fun (like most of Aaron’s songs) and although it features long legged beauties, whiskey and summer time — is so different than every other summer song out there that it really does stand out! (Narry a pick up truck or tailgate in sight haha!)

Congrats Aaron, job well done. Love it!

*The video is currently ONLY available on CMT site HERE

We’ll add a Youtube embed as soon as its available.

4/5 rating

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