shinedown spotlightActually, its not about us, its about you.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. To put you in the spotlight and get you ahead.

Whether it is assistance with Social Media, website creation, media, press writing, image consulting, or a complete rebranding – we can help.

We offer a wide range of Services to bring the attention where it should be – you.

Our Philosophy

We believe that Social Media has forever changed the way PR and advertising are done – adapt or get left behind.

We believe that numbers aren’t the bottom line. Unless those numbers are people purchasing your product, attending your shows, sharing your branding with their friends – having 100,000 Facebook friends or Twitter followers means little. We believe an active engaged fan base is worth more than a number.

We believe that if you have talent, are willing to learn new things, and work with us – we can give you the tools to see measurable results.

We believe we can work with any budget (no matter how small) and find the most effective way to give you your budget’s worth.


We are outspoken, blunt, truthful, knowledgable, professional, encouraging, inventive, inspired, and will light a fire under your butt. If you need someone to stroke your ego and tell you how wonderful you are  – that isn’t us. If you need constructive critiquing, a gentle push in the right direction, support and guidance, or you’re ready for a total make over – we’re what you are looking for.

And the shoes in our front page banner? Converse chucks have been worn by Rockstars and Musicians for years, and symbolize the Rebel, a way of looking at things differently, doing things differently. That’s us.. and we hope that’s you. Go against the flow. Be real. Be honest.


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