Facebook Marketing


Facebook is the single largest social networking site in the world and isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Whether you’re a mom and pop shop, large national business, band, artist, or service provider, if you are trying to market your product/service, you need to be on Facebook. Contrary to popular opinion, marketing on Facebook is not free. It’s free to join, but it takes time and money to net good results. Why put in the time/money without knowing the best way to gain real results.

Not on Facebook yet? We can help:

  • creation of customized Facebook Page including info, user icon, Timeline header, basic beginning content, product or service photos/albums (max 3 albums, 12 photos), link to website/twitter etc, notifications
  • maintenance of your new Facebook Page including regular consultation with you to provide Page updates, fan engagement, growth of fan base/customer base, measurable growth, fielding comments/messages or complaints, etc.
  • instruction on self maintenance of your new Facebook Page with focus on how to – how to build relationships with prospective clients to enhance word of mouth, fan/brand advocate sharing, how to begin and maintain growth, how to handle spam or negative comments/customer complaints, how to run specials, FB advertising demystified

Already on Facebook? We can improve your performance:

  • we can transition your fans from an existing Profile or Group to your new Page
  • maintain your Page for you (see above description)
  • instruction on how to best see measurable results from your Facebook Page – if you’re already a seasoned pro, we can give you a fresh perspective to get past the plateau you’ve reached.

Because we keep up with tech news, marketing news and the like, we are always ‘up’ on the new changes that Facebook seems to institute every few months. We’ll get you back up to speed in short order.

Contact us for a free consultation and a price quote dependent on what your needs are and length of time our services are required.

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