Facebook Marketing


Facebook is the single largest social networking site in the world and isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. As an artist or band, you need to be on Facebook to build a fan base.

We offer:

  • Creation of Facebook Page including info, user icon, Timeline header, basic beginning content, photos/albums (max 3 albums, 12 photos), link to website/Twitter etc
  • Customization of an existing Facebook Page (see above content)
  • Maintenance of your Facebook Page (Page updates, fan engagement, growth of fan base, measurable growth, fielding comments/messages or complaints, etc.)
  • Teach you the basics of Facebook to get you/your band started if you’re new to Facebook
  • Give you an in-depth Facebook brush up including building relationships with fans, creating engaging posts, scheduling posts, sharing posts, using Facebook as your Page, creating growth, handling spam, creating special campaigns, reading and understanding stats.

If you already have a Facebook Profile or Group for you/your band we can help you transition your fans to the new Facebook Page.

Contact us for a free consultation price quote dependent on your specific needs.

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