nightmair media management rockstar graphicBands need to be on Social Media – to build a fan base, to market music, sell merchandise, network with industry, and to fill seats at shows. But where to start? And how much time do you have to spend to make it work? We can help.

Social Media: On a limited budget and can’t hire a ‘team’ to run your sites? Book a 1 hr Skype session with us on any of the following topics – we’ll teach you how to get results!

Need the hard facts on how you’re doing on Social Media? We offer a 1 hr Social Media Audit.

Don’t have time to do it yourself? We offer short and long term Management of your social sites -ask us for a price quote based on your needs.


Every artist or band requires a WEBSITE. Truly. Your website is your hub of information, including audio/photos/video, Press Kit, links to social sites, tour dates, and updates for fans. Websites should be easy for you to update without having to learn years of code just to change your tour dates. We can set you up with a site and teach you to easily run it.



bullets in overdrive stillsBooked for a TV spot on Breakfast Television? Suddenly opening for a HUGE band? Need images of a live show for your Press Kit? We offer high resolution images and video geared to what artists/bands need including:

  • live show coverage (stills and video for Youtube)
  • meet/greet photos with fans
  • event coverage (i.e. radio station/TV station press coverage for your social sites)
  • press images (news paper, band gig posters, press kit)
  • official band photos (website, social sites etc)


We also offer:

*Pro writing:

  • Band bios
  • press releases
  • email blasts to fans
  • press kit cover letters
  • music performance resumes, etc.

*Image Consulting: Want a new look? Not sure if your image reflects your band’s personality or message? We can help.

*Performance Critiquing: What do your fans see from the audience? Objective, honest, informative critiquing

*Media Relations: Learn how to be polished, professional, and at ease for interviews and media appearances

*Professional Growth: We can help you develop a growth plan for you or your band Contact us for a free consultation and pricing to suit your budget.

Contact us for more info.



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