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Boutique or Traditional? Which type of Agency to Hire?


When looking to hire an agency, is bigger better? Should your business hire a smaller boutique or a larger traditional media agency? There are pro’s and con’s to both of course. Boutique agencies typically specialize in forms of marketing and advertising that often revolve around new media. Larger traditional typicallyRead More…

How (not) to Run a Fan Contest

istock winner

Fan contests are a great idea to increase awareness of your band, to have fans share your Facebook page or retweet your tweets etc.. but be cautious about how you set your contest rules up! ┬áCase in point here’s an idea for a fan contest on Facebook: “We’re nearly atRead More…

Don’t Ever Begrudge Your Fans

istock band mobbed by fans

Awhile ago, well known artist Ed Sheeran tweeted this: “Please stop coming to airports to meet me, I really appreciate the love but getting off of long haul flights I’m not in the best of states” The tweet was quickly deleted replaced by ‘whatever’ and ‘No disrespect whatsoever intended, IRead More…